Sunday, March 15, 2009


The past couple of weeks have been horrendous. In addition to two very large projects that will consume the bulk of my time for the next 60 day period, a couple of emergency situations have arisen at work which, if not corrected immediately, will have severe long-term ramifications on the company. As the firm administrator, I jokingly describe my job as being the resident fire chief. It's no longer a joke. I feel like I’ve drug the fire hose around with me for days.

I’ve left work with a crispy-fried brain every afternoon, driven home in a zombie-like state, eaten whatever was set before me (by my awesome, wonderful husband!), and fallen into bed in a state of utter exhaustion. Get up the next morning at 5:30am, and jumped on the hamster wheel again for another go at it. And again. And again.

During our prayer time at worship team practice on Friday night, our worship pastor, who was just coming off two weeks of vocal rest after losing her voice to laryngitis, reminded us that her vocal problems started at the beginning of our church’s corporate 40-day fast. As she talked about the enemy’s attacks since the beginning of the fast, something clicked in my head.

Yeah, I can be pretty thick sometimes.

During this period of fasting and praying, there are a couple of personal issues that I've really wanted to seek the Lord for resolution and breakthrough. All that extra time I had wanted to set aside for quiet time with the Lord had been gobbled up with the unforeseen issues at work, exhausting me physically and mentally, distracting me from my very good intentions.

Funny how all this mess coincided with our corporate fast, huh? Co-ink-i-dink, ya think?

Friends, the enemy is not an idiot. He’s a wily old snake who sits coiled up, waiting for the most opportune time to take a pot shot at us. Like Pastor Tina said in her blog entry Only the Strong Survive, he doesn’t try to attack the strong. He comes after us when we are weak and weary.

And I’ve been anything but strong the last couple of weeks.

Well, the fight is ON now, you slithering slime! Now that my weary brain has grasped what he’s doing, I will rise up and recognize this situation for what it is: a distraction to keep me too exhausted to spend face time with Christ. Of course he doesn’t want me to get the breakthrough that I seek! I might be just a little more effective for the Kingdom if that happens.

For a minute, that old snake forgot Who’s daughter he was messin’ with.


  1. I love your post :) But I concur satans not very happy right now, and I sense he is only going to get more unhappy. Your not thick he's just been playing his games longer and yet he still can't win. Thank you Jesus

  2. Wonderful reminder to be on guard at all times, especially when we purposefully draw near to the Lord with the intention of overcoming a stronghold. Praying you will successfully put out those fires and tread right over the old snake.

    I'd love to contact you by email for a private word if possible. I can be reached at I don't mean to sound all mysterious like, I'd just like to tell you something that blessed me.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.