Thursday, March 12, 2009

Berry Sweet Blog Award

I have just been deeply honored by a dear friend, Barbara. She has bestowed on me the Berry Sweet Blog Award!

A few years ago, Barbara was publisher and editor of the ladies' ministry newsletter at Christ Central Lake City. About that time, the passion had begun to burn in my soul to write about the things that God laid on my heart, so I submitted an article to Barbara for the next edition. Barbara's encouragement and advice during that first effort propelled me forward and gave me confidence. Her mentorship didn't stop there. She encouraged me to move forward in a leadership capacity in women's ministry, and that forward motion hasn't stopped since. Thank you, Barbara, for your love and inspiration. You are such a blessing!

Now for the award details:

The rules are:

1-Copy the award to your blog
2-Choose 5-10 of your favorites blogs to send the award to.
3-Email the ones selected to let them know the award is there.
4-Create links to them

This award is for blogs that show kindness and sweetness in the entries.

These blogs are by normal, everyday women. But each one of them has a heart for God and the potential to be a high profile, nationally known writer and speaker. One is my pastor, one is my "sister of the pen," and the other three ... I don't even know them. I found them via Lysa TerKeurst's blog. I just lurk around on their blogs and enjoy reading their hearts and being blessed by their transparency.

Know that each one of you are a blessing to me!

Tina Johns
Stephanie Fink
Miss Sandy

I thought about giving this award to Barbara, but I think the point of this award is to pass it onward. Thanks, Barbara, for honoring me in such a sweet way. You are still encouraging me! I love you and miss you!



  1. Kim...thank you!!! If ever I needed to know that my life is touching another, it's right now! You have no idea what your kind words mean to me.

    My Mom has an expression: "Each new day has some lovely secret waiting to unfold". Thank you for encouraging my heart tonight. You have been used by God to remind me that I am not forgotten.

    Blessings to you my dear friend,

  2. Kim,
    Thank you so very, very much! I sincerely feel so blessed by not only you passing this on to me, but also by your tremendously kind words. What an encouragement you have been to me tonight!

    It's so I found the package from where you sent me my CD and my book at Christmas that I won. :) I am forever meaning to send thank you notes and then never remembering to do it. So here I am, telling myself I need to send you a thank you, and then here you are, blessing me yet again.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Kim,
    What an utterly sweet surprise! Thank you so very much for the kind words and encouragement. I am constantly amazed by the kindness Christ pours out on us just when we need it and today I certainly needed it. Thank you for blessing me and may it be returned to you ten fold!

    Miss Sandy

  4. Thank you Kim! I pray you know what a blessing you are to me. I am so glad to be doing life with ya. BTW, I may have an idea for the Mothers Dinner. Woo Hoo!
    Love ya!