Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Sometimes I watch him without him noticing. And I smile. My eyes might get a little misty.

He's my direct opposite and sometimes I can't imagine how we actually got together. But he is the most wonderful man that God ever put on this planet - fully human man, that is. As I was floundering around in the world, trying harder and harder to get as far away from God as I could, God was watching me, caring for me, planning my future. Through a bizarre set of circumstances, I met Craig. And I was done.

We've been married nearly seven years. And they have been the most wonderful years of my life. They have not been the easiest years, by any means. But his unconditional love for me has totally flipped my world upside down. And I can't imagine ever going back to the old normal.

God has blessed me with the most amazing gift of a loving husband who has stood by me, put up with me, defended me, protected me, and still plans to grow old with me. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for trusting me with Craig's heart.

If Jesus tarries, I look forward to many more Valentines days, many more Christmases, many more anniversaries with the love of my life - Craig.


  1. Thanks for stopping by...I see you are as thankful for your husband as I am for mine...we are blessed.

  2. Hey Skinny! (you're looking HOT Sister!)

    My heart was SO touched reading about the other 1/2 of your heart! Gooey after years of marriage - what a testimony to God!

    I wish you a lifetime more (and then, ETERNITY!)
    Love ya girl!