Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little birdy told me so

Spring is coming. The last few days, I’ve noticed a flurry of winged activity around the house. What appears to be an entire flock of small birds, sparrows of some type, have invaded the property in search of nesting space and materials. In just two days, I’ve noticed the beginning of construction of four new nests right outside the house.

This afternoon, I inadvertently interrupted a contractor/husband-bird, in his nest-building duties. I walked out the back door and was startled by a flash of color and the whoosh of wings. I retreated to the other end of the porch, stood quietly and waited for the little guy to come back so I could see where he was building.

After several minutes, I saw him light in the tree branch nearby. After several seconds, he moved to closer, then closer still. He kept jerking his little head around, looking for predators. I felt sorry for him and thought it was too bad they didn’t have little chiropractor bird physicians to can relieve the inevitable, resulting pain. But then again, God cares about the little sparrows - maybe they don't get neck pain!

After he was satisfied that I wasn’t moving and no cats where nearby, he flew to a small opening in a storage container I have on the porch. He took his little twig treasure inside, set it in place, popped his head back out for a quick look around before flying off to get the next twig.

I told Craig about the incident later, and commented that I didn’t know what was stored in that container, but that I wouldn’t be opening it for a few months because of the nest. “It’s a home now,” he replied calmly. (How I love that man!)

With spring on the way, I’m thinking about planting a vegetable garden, and some new flowers and other plants around the house. With the onset of warm weather, new life springs up all around us. We start thinking about new beginnings. Clean out the old, make way for the new.

God is a God of seasons. He put these seasons in motion for a reason. Seedtime and harvest. Fertile and fallow ground. Both the physical and spiritual realms. There is a season when the ground stands cold in a state of hibernation when nothing grows.

Then comes the Spring. When the warm winds return, the sun warms the ground, and new life sticks it’s little green head above the surface of the soil.

To the Believer who has been in the grip of the cold fingers of winter, wondering if this season will ever end: know that Spring is on it’s way. Whether you see the signs or not, it will come – soon!


  1. Interesting! I just wrote about the seasons of God on my blog. You are listening to some good music by the way!

  2. Thank you for visiting me, that is very special to me. This article holds a lot of truth as we go thru seasons in our life and how God works in each season for our good. Keep up the good barbara