Friday, November 14, 2008

So They Will Know

I meditated on Psalm 48 during my quiet time this morning. In this passage, the descendents of Korah are singing about how mighty and great is the Lord. They magnify His creation, the city of God, Jerusalem and how the entire world stands in awe of it. They tell how God, Himself, is inhabits the towers of Jerusalem and shows Himself to be the defender of the great city. They recount how mighty kings and armies have advanced on this city, only to turn tail and run away in utter terror. They talk about having heard of the glory, but now that they have seen it for themselves, it is so much more real to them.

As I read the last few verses over and over, a realization came over me: this word is for our generation – now. Before it is too late for us to do the same.

Go, inspect the city of Jerusalem. Walk around and count the many towers. Take note of the fortified walls, and tour all the citadels, that you may describe them to future generations. For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and he will be our guide until we die. (Psalm 48: 12-14, NLT)

Generations before us have witnessed nationwide revivals and spiritual awakenings and they have passed those recollections down to us in print and by mouth. My generation has seen the mighty, protective Hand of the Lord work in many ways, both on an individual level and world-wide.

But as we approach the very last days of this age, the enemy is stronger and more active than ever. He is in a frenzy to keep as many humans from the Cross … and attempt to incapacitate those who have already been there.

As the global culture shifts farther and farther away from worship of The One True God, our children and grandchildren are having difficulty grasping why we cling to our “religion”. They are captivated by the bright lights and the lure of instant self-gratification. They are gonna be wealthy, popular bigshots! “What does God have to offer that can compete with that?” they scoff.

How will they know if we don’t tell them?

I have been guilty of not bragging on God to our children and the younger generations. They need to hear how awesome and real God has been to me. If they hear it enough, they will believe it and fall back on His promises at some point in their lives - and experience it for themselves.

This voice from thousands of years ago brought this home to me this morning. The psalmist exhorts me to examine all the works of God that I have seen and heard. Know them inside and out. Memorize every aspect of them. Never forget how He saved me, reached down into the pit of filth and plucked me out of it. How He rescued me countless times from the jaws of the roaring lion. How He blessed me in times of desperate need. How He comforted me in times of terrible loss. How He drew near to me when I drew near to Him, allowing me to feel His presence in such an intimate way. But this collection of memories must not be kept safely tucked away in my mind. They are a testimony to the powerful, miraculous, perfect love of God. And they must be recounted to future generations. So they will know … that this is what God is like.

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