Friday, April 20, 2012

A Gentle Nudge

Bear & Lexi

Gentle Nudge

(Steph, this is for you!)

I knelt down to put Lexi’s harness on before putting her in the car to go to work. The gentle, warm nudge at my elbow was almost irritating – as I was already late for work. Guilt rose up in my throat and caught up with the rough words I nearly uttered.

I let go of Lexi and turned my attention to Bear. Bear. My sweet, ten-year old black lab.

He’s a very polite dog. Rarely barks, never wastes effort on being energetic, and always defers or stands aside as if to say “you first” or “pardon me”. Because he’s so easy-going, he usually gets less attention than the more sanguine mammals in the house. You know ... the squeaky wheel rule ...

But this time, he was asking for my attention. And I very nearly put him off again.

My heart melted at his sad eyes and I hugged him and rubbed his ears. He brightened immediately, love and affection shining in his eyes.

But the guilt that rose up like bile a few moments before continued unabated.

HE was speaking to me again.

“I feel left out, too. Why do you always have to finish this or do that first before you can turn your attention to Me? I knew you before time began. I chose you to be my very own. I gave you My very Best. When will you seek Me first? When will you stop putting Me off? I miss our intimate time together.”

He is a Gentleman.  He does not insist or demand, but waits patiently.

My God is a jealous God. He does not accept second place my life. If I have to reprioritize daily, then so be it. No thing is more important than God's Presence in my life.

So when you feel that Gentle Nudge in your spirit ...

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  1. So I'm rather misty reading this my sister...I'm SO proud of you (always) and God gets FIRST! THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION this day!