Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Fever Ramblings of a Masterpiece

When Spring arrives, the lush foliage returns to the trees, the pollen blooms, the flowers burst forth with their cacophony of color, the birds, butterflies and bees are buzzing about. We pull out the shorts and flip-flops. Spring wanders in on cool breezes, intoxicating and beckoning us to sit a while and enjoy the beauty that God created. Spring – real Spring – lasts only a few days in Florida. On the calendar, Spring lasts several weeks. But Floridians know better. It's an all-too-short season not governed by the likes of a pesky calendar. Most years the flowers don't even get comfortable on the stem before Summer arrives with it's intense humidity and daily thunderstorms. The only respite at that point is to go to the beach, the river, or stay in the A/C.

Today would have been an excellent day to play hooky. That is, if it hadn't been a Saturday.

I slept late – which is my goal every Saturday – and awoke to the sunshine and a wonderful cool spring breeze pouring through the open sliding glass door. The opportunity to loll about in bed without having to jump up and join the rat race on I-75 only happens for me once a week at best. So I intend to milk it for all it's worth.

“The hummingbird is back!” Craig's low tone jolted me wide awake. Without moving anything but my head, I looked out at one of the hummingbird feeders Craig had hung up on the porch.

I grabbed the camera and we lay there for nearly an hour taking pictures and videos as two tiny birds eagerly sampled the sugary concoction from each of the feeders as though they were at a buffet.

What an incredibly exquisite creature God made when he spoke those tiny birds into existence! They even have a heavenly-tasting cake named after them.

Indeed, all of His creation is incredibly complex and beautiful. Excepting roaches and mosquitoes, of course.

When I think about the beautiful hummingbird and how God simply spoke him into existence, it humbles me. We know God spoke everything into existence ... except humans. Considering the extent to which He used physical means to create mankind absolutely blows me away. He formed the first humans with His very own Hands using the dust of the earth.

He got down in the dust and got His Hands dirty to create us.

Just picture that for a minute. The Creator of all that we see and all that we do not see loves us so much that He got down in the dirt to create us. And I imagine that it seems to Him that He never got back up out of the dirt. He continues to get right down in the dirt and mud with us now.

We humans aren't exactly the most beautifully-acting beings He created. Even though He knew before He created us that we would cause Him not only grief and disappointment, but the death of His Only Son, He still took the time to specifically create us in His Own Image with His Own Hands.

Yet the breathtakingly elegant hummingbird who causes no harm or pain, He simply spoke into existence.

I guess that makes everything except us ... simple.

Flawed as we are, we are His Personal Masterpiece.

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