Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who left the frig door open?


My internal nuclear reactor is stifled at last. Got up this morning, turned off the a/c (which is usually running at 65) and opened the windows.

I’m not sweating for the first time in forever!

What a beautiful morning! Temperature in the low 50’s, and it’s noon and there’s still a twinge of cool in the air!

Cooler weather makes me feel much more domesticated. One big project already accomplished, several more loads of laundry to do, and about 3 tons of dustbunnies await my attention. Oh, and a Gator game in mid-afternoon. Let's keep our priorities in order! Guess the dustbunnies will just have to make themselves at home. Like they haven’t already…..

Here in Florida, we don’t do fall like normal folk. The leaves don’t turn pretty shades of orange and yellow and eventually fall to the ground. One freeze late in the year and all the leaves let go overnight. (Except the oak trees. They thoughtfully molt for an entire six months so we won’t get bored.) A couple of mornings with sweet 45-58 degree weather that may or may not last the entire day. Usually not. Then someone stokes up the furnace and the temp is reset to broil.

When winter finally arrives, it just shows up in the middle of the night and freezes your water hose without warning. You drive to Walmart and buy another one. It doesn’t freeze again for weeks, and maybe you are smart enough to pay attention to the forecast this time. Or at least turn the water on trickle.

When it’s cold here, it’s COLD. Frigid. Mind-numbing. Sure, it doesn’t last for months like it does in North Dakota, but it’s the quality, not the quantity that counts.

Last year was a particularly long winter for us. Didn’t put up the jackets until April, for heaven’s sake! That’s three months late.
No, I don’t look forward to that again. But I am hoping that this little cool snap lasts more than a day or two. In Florida, we get about six perfect days a year. Some years they are actually evenly divided between fall and spring.

For ladies like me with the in-house nuclear reactor, we just sweat all the time. Except those six perfect days. We sweat in the warm weather because no one else wants the a/c set at 65. In the winter, I have to stand at the thermostat with a loaded gun to keep the temp set at something less than 77. Why do thermostats go all the way up to 90? Who wants to cook in their own skin? I keep telling the cold people that live in my house, if they are cold, they just need to put on more clothes. One day – the girls at least – will understand from whence I speak. And I will laugh maniacally.

Anyhoo, I am so enjoying this beautiful weather today. Maybe I’ll just skip the laundry and go sit on the porch and drink in the beauty for a while. While it lasts...


  1. Ya-hoo for non-sweltering weather!

    Wish I could be joinging you on the porch...with an iced tea for you and an iced coffe for me!

  2. I sure hope you got to enjoy your wonderful day!! Isn't this weather great?