Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year and a new start

As most of us do on this day every year, I have made a New Years' resolution. I've adopted a commitment to learn more of God's Word, memorize it and hide it in my heart. My favorite Bible teacher, Beth Moore, has challenged her "Siestas" to commit to memorizing and meditating on 24 scriptures this year. On the 1st and 15th of every month, over 2400 people (as of this morning) who are participating in this challenge are signing on to her blog and posting our chosen scripture for all of our accountability partners to see.

For several weeks now, I've felt strongly impressed to add an element to this blog: 365 days of Fear Not. I've heard many say that there are 365 occurrences of "Fear not" (or some semblence thereof) in the Bible - one for every day of the year. While I'm sure someone else has already done this, and probably published a devotional book or calendar of these verses, I haven't run across it. Being a strong Type-A personality, my natural bent is to maintain control ... of everything. And we always fear what we cannot control. That is, until we remember that God is always in control, and we have no reason to fear. Fear is a form of disbelief - not trusting that God has His Hand on the very thing or situation that we fear. I believe the Holy Spirit is inviting me to find all the Fear Not verses and meditate on them daily. Committing to adding these scriptures to this blog will help me remain focused on this project. And train my spirit to trust and believe ... and fear not.

With the Lord's help, I will post a Fear Not verse in the upper right column of this blog every day this year.

As I was going through my Bible, praying for guidance as to which scripture to memorize first, I came upon, and kept coming back to Isaiah 43:1-4. These verses remind me of God's presence in all aspects of my life and give me comfort in times of distress. As I was posting the verse on Beth's website, I realized that it is a "Fear not" verse as well!

God is highly pleased when we put His Word in our heart. It has been said that people are like trash cans. Whenever they are tipped over, whatever is inside will come out. I am ashamed to admit that, when I am jostled by life, what spills out is not always pleasing to the Lord. This year, I want God to imprint His Words all over my heart, so that when I am tipped over, His promises, love and grace to flow forth.

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