Sunday, May 18, 2008

Favor and increase

Another praise report for Christ Central Alachua! On our third Sunday under Pastor Mark, we had 129 in attendance at services this morning! But the best part of the day is .... there were TWO salvations! THAT is what we are here for!

What I truly admire about this congregation is that there are no spectators. Virtually every member wants to be an integral part and have volunteered to serve in some capacity rather than just come, sit, receive and leave. And they are HUNGRY for more. And when we are hungry for more of God, He is so generous to oblige.

Pastor Mark continued on with the theme of "worry" from last week and spoke about remaining positive under pressure. I had to tuck my toes as he reminded us that cultivating prayer, patience (ouch!) and our perspective will help us keep a positive attitude in this walk -- which is what the world needs to see in us ... in me. The "woe is me" approach doesn't testify of a Great God to an unbeliever. If we can't stay calm and at peace in the midst of the stress or storm, what kind of trust do we demonstrate in a God that we are preaching to a lost and dying world?

Throughout His Word, God tells us to fear not. He is in control, not me. When I worry and stress, I am essentially saying to God, "Thanks, but I can handle this one on my own." That's a rather arrogant attitude to have before the Creator of all things, wouldn't you say?

When I handle something on my own, it never turns out right. But when I relinquish the reins to my Lord, He takes my pitiful attempts and somehow turns them into something worthy.

Mark's closing comments make for a good sign to put on my desk:

Just follow the instructions. (The Word)
God will take care of the obstructions.

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