Sunday, April 27, 2008

A little perspective adjustment

This morning I awoke full of anticipation of the wonderful things God was to show us today. This is the first day of the re-establishment of Christ Central Alachua and we have been looking forward to this day with much joy.

You know how you just know that the enemy is going to attack you when you are in God's Will ... but you are still caught off guard? Well, this is one of those times. About half way through our morning preparation for church, the electricity went off. Not just a blip. Not even just a few minutes. I was standing there with my hair still wet, my clothes not yet ironed, trying not to panic. My husband, the stalwart man of faith that he is, chided me for allowing the enemy to get to me. Until he couldn't find his belt. If I weren't already chagrined at my own lack of spirituality, it might have been tempting to chuckle at the sudden loss of his.

Plan B it is then. After regrouping, we made it out the door for church on time.

With nearly 90 in attendance, the service was awesome, culminating in at least one salvation! The sweet people of the church have been through some difficult times in the past few months, but the Lord heard their cry and has brought them a new pastor with a new vision. Next week, we move to the middle school auditorium for our Sunday services.

This afternoon, when my husband was moving some equipment for his job, I got a frantic call from him - he had been in an accident. He assured me he was alright, but someone in the other car had a broken arm. Begging the Holy Spirit to calm me, I really tried to drive cautiously to the site of the accident. Both vehicles appeared to be totaled. The ambulance was leaving the scene with the other vehicles' occupants inside. Craig was shaken, but physically unharmed. He kept to himself mostly, very introspective. We drove home in silence. I beseeched God to heal the injured people and intervene in this entire mess.

Craig has spent the last few hours struggling with the "why" of it all. We are stepping out in faith, doing what God has called us to do. Now this. Right on the heels of victory, there is a vicious attack and an apparent defeat. We understand that the enemy isn't particularly happy with our obedience to God, and that he isn't going to leave us alone. But why did God allow this to happen? I encouraged Craig and prayed for him, trying to believe for myself the very words I was speaking.

Standing at the sink, washing dishes, I was asking God to help me understand "why". We are in covenant with You, Lord. We are doing what you asked us to do. Why this, why now, why us? I stopped cold as I felt God speak to my heart - "Don't you understand? I spared his life today." The Holy Spirit then revealed to me that all the physical attacks over the past few years have been on Craig, individually and intentionally. Not our family, not me, not the kids. On Craig. God has anointed Craig to do something for His Kingdom, and the enemy is fighting tooth and nail to take him out.

How ungrateful I felt as I ran to tell Craig! We prayed and cried and rejoiced in God's preserving Hand. In an instant, our perspective changed from human to divine. Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and questioning our lot in life, we are humbled and awed that God would use such fragile, wretched creatures. He doesn't have to, you know ... use us, I mean. He can do it all without any help from us. But He wants to involve us. And that still amazes me.


  1. WOW, God is absolutely amazing....I praise God for Craig safekeeping.....bless you. We love you and miss you but rest in the peace that God is doing something GREAT!

  2. I love your humor, honesty and ease at which you write of God's faithfullness. I praise God with you that God did save Craig's life...and that the attacks are b.c you are powerfully serving smack dab in the middle of His Will! May He continue to keep you the course He's outlined for you...I draw great strength from those FEW servants willing to press on and through for Him! Thank you sister for being part of the few!!! Love ya and my prayers are with you all! steph