Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Invitation to Adventure...

When I sat down with my most recent issue of Discipleship Journal and read the cover - Invitation to Adventure: What happens when we say yes to God - I had no idea what God was preparing me for.

My church home for the past seven years is the sanctuary of my life. I live for the next service - for the soul refreshing that I receive when I worship with my Family, for the Word that is rightly divided, for the fuel that my soul desires and needs. My husband has received offers of promotion if he will move out of the area but I've told him "No. I'm not leaving Christ Central." (Not that he was at all keen on the idea of moving in the first place, so don't start thinking that I rule the roost!) We have both been blessed to be intricately involved in ladies' and men's ministry, the worship team and ushers' ministry. Our youngest daughter finds joy and fulfillment in her service to the Children's Church.

So I'm in my comfort zone. Cruisin' along, making plans for upcoming events, relishing in the afterglow of those God-moments, doing ministry and sharing life with my friends. There are always bumps along the way in any ministry. But none have been insurmountable. This is our church home. No, it's our home. I shall not be, I shall not be moved .....

So. According to the articles I was reading, I should have seen the writing on the wall. I was RIPE for adventure. But I didn't see it coming.

I was floored when our Executive Pastors and dear friends, Mark & Tina, announced five days ago that they were leaving to pastor Christ Central Alachua, our 7-year old church plant that is to be re-established. Sure, it's only 30 miles down the road, but I still felt like my right arm had just been severed from my body.

Craig and I cried out to God for healing and for peace. And for direction.

In the space of 72 hours, The Almighty unveiled His Will and Plan for us, step by step. Every question and concern we had was answered -- in fact had already been answered. I know He delighted, as any proud Father would, in watching our pain dissolve into joy and excitement.

We now have peace in knowing that we are called to go to Alachua and serve alongside Mark, Tina, and the congregation as we labor in His Service.

When I sit back and look at how He had this whole situation set up before I even realized it was a situation, I just laugh in delight and in awe of His goodness. He wants to keep amazing us over and over again.

Oh, and I'm ready for the Adventure, too! I've already claimed a front row seat to watch the miracles unfold.


  1. YAHOOOOO!!!! ADVENTURE time!!!

    Just saw you got your blog up and running! YOU GO GIRL! SO proud of you for your gentle humilty and bold obedience to Him!

    You are an inspiration! As in the words of Glynis last year, "WRITE ON Sister"! :-)

    Abundant Blessings and Love,

  2. PS

    Thanks for mentioning my blog (that's how I knew you were up!)...gotta talk to that cute systems administrator of mine (aka: hubby) to show me how to set mine up! I'm "technically challenged!" ;-)

  3. You all are in our prayers.

  4. I can't wait to read more about the adventure as it unfolds!!!!
    Love ya'!